Megabytes To Gigabytes


A conversion from 1 megabyte is 0.001 gigabyte.

Further Conversions

Convert 1.0 megabyte to pebibyte (PiB), petabyte (PB), pebibit (Pibit), petabit (Pbit), tebibyte (TiB), terabyte (TB), tebibit (Tibit), terabit (Tbit), gibibyte (GiB), gigabyte (GB), gibibit (Gibit), gigabit (Gbit), mebibyte (MiB), mebibit (Mibit), megabit (Mbit), kibibyte (KiB), kilobyte (kB), kibibit (Kbit), kilobit (kbit), byte (B), bit (bit).

UnitsDigital Storage
Pebibyte8.88178419702e-10 PiB
Petabyte1e-09 PB
Pebibit7.10542735762e-09 Pibit
Petabit8e-09 Pbit
Tebibyte9.0949470177e-07 TiB
Terabyte1e-06 TB
Tebibit7.27595761418e-06 Tibit
Terabit8e-06 Tbit
Gibibyte0.000931322574615 GiB
Gigabyte0.001 GB
Gibibit0.00745058059692 Gibit
Gigabit0.008 Gbit
Mebibyte0.953674316406 MiB
Mebibit7.62939453125 Mibit
Megabit8.0 Mbit
Kibibyte976.5625 KiB
Kilobyte1000.0 kB
Kibibit7812.5 Kbit
Kilobit8000.0 kbit
Byte1000000.0 B
Bit8000000.0 bit

Megabytes To Gigabytes Table

Megabytes To Gigabytes Table

Megabytes To Gigabytes Calculations


Easily convert megabytes to gigabytes (MB to GB). Use the online megabyte to gigabyte calculator, the conversion tables, diagrams or charts.

There are useful explanations and further diagrams at the Wikipedia pages on Megabyte and Gigabyte.


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