Milligrams To Grams


A conversion from 1 milligram is 0.001 gram.

Further Conversions

Convert 1.0 milligram to imperial ton (Long ton), tonne (t), us ton (ton), stone (st), kilogram (kg), pound (lb), ounce (oz), gram (g), microgram (µg).

Imperial ton9.84206527611e-10 Long ton
Tonne1e-09 t
US ton1.10231131092e-09 ton
Stone1.57473044418e-07 st
Kilogram1e-06 kg
Pound2.20462262185e-06 lb
Ounce3.52739619496e-05 oz
Gram0.001 g
Microgram1000.0 µg

Milligrams To Grams Table

Milligrams To Grams Table

Milligrams To Grams Calculations


Easily convert milligrams to grams (mg to g). Use the online milligram to gram calculator, the conversion tables, diagrams or charts.

There are useful explanations and further diagrams at the Wikipedia pages on Milligram and Gram.


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